We find the best summer program for your child.

Why Use Camp Finders®

Before the Internet, people would ask their friends about overnight camps and other options for their children. This was limiting, as many great camps & teen programs were harder to find. Now, with the advent of the internet, information is much easier to obtain. Yet, websites, brochures, DVDs do not often tell the whole story about camps.

Camp Finders® can help this search process in several important ways. By personally visiting overnight camps and teen programs, meeting directors, and seeing facilities and programs in action, Camp Finders® can better match children with appropriate quality programs. Also, in August, Camp Finders® sends out evaluations to the families of children that it has placed in these various programs. So, personal visits, parental input, and experience in the industry (Who is Camp Finders®?), all add up to an invaluable service.

Camp Finders works as a free service to families, much like a travel agent. If Camp Finders places a child at a camp or a teen program, it is paid a referral fee from that camp/program. So, Camp Finders works with families and camps to make a good match.