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Who Is Camp Finders®?

Rick MadesRick has been involved with summer camps most of his life. From the early 70's into the early 90's, he spent 16 summers at three camps in Maine, 2 as a tennis director, 8 as a cabin counselor/tennis director, and 6 as a camper. Rick is also the owner and director of Maine Arts Camp, a camp which he started after running Camp Finders for 10 years. Rick has a B.A in economics (1983) and an M.A.T. in teaching (1990), both from Tufts University.

Since 1994, Rick has run Camp Finders, a referral service for parents. He has personally visited approximately 170 overnight camps and teen programs and has worked with thousands of families, trying to match their children with the right summer programs. Rick also runs MySummers.com, a web site for summer camp jobs (since 1999).

Prior to establishing Camp Finders, Rick taught high school and middle school math from 1990-1994 and taught tennis from 1985-1990. He has also worked at day camps and country clubs for several summers. Rick's experience as a camp director, camp advisor, cabin counselor, teacher, and tennis director has given him a unique perspective on children's interests and needs.